Almanara Square - دوار المنارة

صور من الحياة في رام الله - فلسطين

Thursday, February 21, 2008


On last Friday, an explosion occurred in a house in Bureij (a refugee camp in Gaza).
An absurd thing has happened- no one really knows what caused this explosion. A member of the Islamic jihad has died and some members of his family and neighbors.
The 'Almizan' centre - said that there is no proof that Israel is responsible , on the other hand, Khaled Albatsh, from the jihad party has declared that Israel is the only one to blame.

Soon a fight in the media between these two sides began. I guess that no one can really say the truth about this sad incident so no one can really tell the cause of this explosion.

I surely wonder, if the jihad party is the one that can tell the objective truth in this case, because it is not the first time that such an explosion occurs in buildings in Gaza because of explosives hidden inside them.

But…My biggest problem in this incident is why the 'Almizan' centre is dealing with issues such as this one. Aren't they supposed to be dealing with much more important issues??
People have no food on their tables, and not even electricity on daily basis.
There are much important issues to deal with in Gaza! Please help our children and brothers out there!

I really hope that every humanitarian institute in Gaza is making the biggest efforts in order to make every child in Gaza healthy and not hungry.

Yours truly,
Asad al nimr.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a week!

Some interesting days in ramallah!

It started few days ago, while the snow came to visit ramallah. It was a superb experience for the young kids here.

These kids haven't got so many options for enjoying their selves and having some good time.

Watching the snow going down was a spectacular scene- just after few hours, all of ramallah was filled with white snow! What a nice view. The roads and pavements were all full of snow!

After this experience, a bad one has occurred..

Israel decided to kill almost 10 people in Gaza. Most of them were innocent. People say it was an answer for the suicide bomb that occurred in Israel few hours before that. I wonder what these innocent people in Gaza had to do with the bomb?! Why should they suffer? The life in Gaza is not easy anyway, so making it even harder is a death punish for some people.

Another interesting thing was the breaking of the wall between Gaza and rafah. What an event. Hamas had an idea, (a crazy one, for the matter of fact..), and they did all they can in order to bring it to reality. Good to know that someone cares about the lack of food in Gaza. I wonder if there is a way to keep the borders open all year long?

Israel has closed the border since Hamas got to role the strip, and that is the situation these days.

I really hope that the border will stay open as long as possible,

Your truly,

Asad al nimr.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sounds of (weak) diplomacy

Bush left,

Kondolisa left,

All the fuss and noise about this "very historic" visit disappeared.
Just as bush and "kondi" left..

Last week, all major T.V channels sent crews and journalists to ramallah.
Suddenly, I could almost think that ramallah is the center of the world..

But just a few moments after these fine "leaders" left ramallah, all the glamour of this visit has absolutely vanished..!!

Suddenly, life got back to normal,

And the peace process took a step backwards..

After hearing from my brothers about what is going on in Gaza, I'm sure that we are heading into dark days, very dark!

Just a few days after the visit, and Israel begun her killings again, but this time- stronger and harder.

I really hope that we are not just a moment from a big war in Gaza.

Hang on, dear brothers!!

I have no more to say, except for:
There is only one future for us,


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush in Palestine!?

10 January, maybe an historic date?

All the streets of Ramallah are empty and one can see only policemen and members of the security forces.

To those of you who are not very familiar.. Today, the US president is visiting my town, ramallah.

Who thought that the United States president will ever visit Palestine? And especially ramallah?!

But for the matter of truth, I'm not quite sure what to think about it..

On one hand, I have no respect for him!! He caused only trouble for my friends and myself, he did no good for Palestine, why should we honor his visit in Palestine?

But on the other hand, if there is someone who can help our nation, and save us from Israel, let him try.

We all want a solution, and bringing our brothers back from the Israeli prison.

Maybe bush will rescue us from Israel, and its brutality, but far more important, is rescuing us from the brutal Hamas. They have caused us so much damage in the last year or so! Hamas has destroyed Palestine.

Today Ramallah looks like a deserted town because the "sheriff" is coming. What will happen in the dual nobody knows, but we can all hope that the end will be a happy one for us.


Asad al nimr,


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy days in ramallah,

I have no reasons to smile, but surprise!
I am.
And that’s because Eid aladha has finished.
I enjoyed spending time with my family.
Not too often that we all sit as family, and just speak, I really missed speaking with my father. This holiday was an important one for me. Probably this eid aladha wasn’t a very happy one for my brothers in Gaza. Maybe next year they will be able to exit Gaza, and come to ramallah? and enjoy a calm holiday?
Lets just all hope for that!

My life is continuing quite normal, and that’s good for me, because I don’t really like changes. But maybe I should make a small change in my life?
And I mean, finding a job..

It's really nice and easy working and helping my father. But all year long?
Not always the easy thing is the right move to make, isn’t it?

That’s a hard decision, but I could not work in the family store for life, I need to expand my knowledge, and my abilities! And how can I improve when I'm working with my father?
Maybe I should open my own company? Maybe even a store? Maybe I will be able to sell the thing that I like most! Cameras and photography equipment.
This will probably give me joy, and who knows? Maybe even a good income. And finally I will be able to help my parents and brothers? Maybe it will help my father, and he won't feel much pressure at his store, in order to support the whole family.

I will think about it,
I have few months to make a decision (I still work with my father!)
Have a good weekend,


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eid aladha

Eid aladha,

This week eid aladha is being celebrated in Palestine and all over the mislim world. It is a great thing that sometimes we have reasons to celebrate, even in Palestine..

Millions of people are making the HAJ the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. I really hope that I will also be able to visit Mecca, maybe even next year? Who knows?!

Maybe exiting Palestine will become easier next year? And even cheaper?And then next year I will be able to be a "haj"?

inshallah I say!

This is the CAABA, in Mecca. It is full of people these days, which are fulfilling their Islamic obligation.

These are happy kids, who are celebrating the holiday, these kids live in Bagdad. Nice to see that even these children can be happy and can even celebrate.

Happy eid aladha,كل عام وانتم بخير


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today, I was walking in the streets of ramallah.
It was a sunny day, with no rain, people were walking and shopping along ramallah.
The scene was so peaceful and calm.
People were smiling happily, I have had time to visit my father at our store.
His days are also better and easier. Things are getting really better in our store, people are buying goods, and my family can be calm as far as our financial condition.
I'm so happy that things are starting to get on track for us.
As for my brothers in Gaza, I am much more worried about them.
While my conditions are getting better, theirs is getting worse and worse. What can we do to help them?
I wish I could have help them defeating Hamas government.
But how can I even help, if they can't even help themselves?
Everyone in Gaza is so afraid of Hamas, that they can't even feel free to speak and say a word against the brutal government. What other options do my brothers have?

I wish they could have come to ramallah, and work like us, and have better conditions.