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صور من الحياة في رام الله - فلسطين

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hope? Have we forgotten what is the meaning of this word??

Since Gaza became a war zone I feel as if all the boundaries have broken in Palestine. As if everything is allowed..
But have we forgotten that there are boundaries in this world?
And not everything is allowed?
How can Palestinian kill another Palestinian?
Is our goals have changed? Haven't we all hope for the same thing?
To be a responsible big nation? Is it not our goal anymore?
My friend has sent me another caricature, so here it is..
What do you say?

My big fear is that the "war" in Gaza will drip to the west bank, and even to ramallah my city.
I do have hopes that after the sharam summit the future will be much quiter and better..
but hopes and reality not always match…
Yours with hope,
Asad al nimr.


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